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Nimarta - Humility

Congratulations on the
Gurupurab of Sri Har Krishan Patshah

Listen to this Humble Love Smitten Tribute


Bachan 1
Sri Har Krishan Dhayaiye. The Eighth Guru Nanak in the tender age of Five sets out for a Stroll. Listen to the Holy incident that occured and why everyone is singing in Unison - "Sri Har Krishan Dhayaiye Jis Dithe Sab Dukh Jaye."

Bachan 2
With Intellect I ego gets inflated. With intellect you cannot tread the path of Bhagti. It is rather the greatest obstacle. In respect of innocent and humble, Guru keeps on passing through, in his place.
- Baba Narinder Singh Ji

Listen to this in the Context of a Pandit whom Sache Patshah Redeems.

“Pingal Parbat Par Pare, Khal Chatar Makeeta
Andhale Trai Bhavan Sujhya, Gur Bhet Paleeta”

Bachan 3
Love begets Love.
Guru Sahib have reached Delhi.
Listen How Sache Patshah blesses the MahaRani of Delhi who had been absorbed day and night in the Divine love of Lord Guru Nanak.

Bachan 4
In continuation of the above, listen to the 5 ways to Love the Lord.

Sache Patshah is in Delhi, and Delhi at that time was under the attack of the dreaded disease of Chicken Pox. People in Delhi come of the Presence of Lord Guru Nanak in the city. Everyone, irrespective of caste, colour, religion approaches Guru Har Krishan Sahib. What is the prayer dwelling in their hearts?

Bachan 5

Sache Patshah cannot bear the pangs of agony of His beloved Children suffering from chicken Pox. He out of infinite compassion takes upon Himself the disease of the entire city and gives a Supreme Sacrifice. The Lord gives Sacrifice because even He Himself does not violate the laws of Nature. If  He saves others' lives in this manner, He gives away His own.


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