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The Spirit of Renunciation
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  Maee Mai Dhan Paiyo Har Nam,
Man Mero Dhawan Tay Chhootiyo
Kar Baitho Bisram
Maya Mamta Tan Tay Bhagi
Upajiyo Nirmal Gian,
Lobh Moh Eh Paras Na Sakai
Gahi Bhagat Bhagwan
Janam Janam Ka Sansa Chooka
Ratan Nam Jab Paiya,
Trishna Sakal Binasi Man Tay
Nij Sukh Mah Samaiya
Ja Kau Hot Dayal Kirpa Nidh
So Gobind Gun Gavai.
Kaho Nanak Ih Bidh Ke Sanpai
Kou Gurmukh Pavai.
  Sri Guru Granth Sahib (1186)  
  Dhirmal, a claimant to Gurgadi hired an assasin by the name of Sihan to kill Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib. He was caught and brought by the sikhs before the Great Guru for punishment. The All Compassionate Guru instantly forgave him and ordained that all the looted accourtriments, some of them belonging to the Guru himself, be returned to Dhirmal immediately. When Mata Nanaki, the esteemed mother of the Great Guru insisted upon retaining atleast their own stuff, the Guru sang the above hymn, which means :  

ďO mother, I have been blessed with the wealth of Godís Name. My Mind is free from wandering and is established in peace. Avarice and worldly love dare not touch me and pure divine knowledge fills me. Greed and desire can not affect me. I am totally immersed in Lordís devotion. Fear of transmigration deserts when blessed with the jewel of Lordís Name. My mind is free of all desire and I am totally absorbed in bliss. He to whom God - the Ocean of Grace - shows mercy sings the praise of the Lord of the world. Nanak says: Rare is such a person who amasses this kind of divine wealth with the grace of the Guru.Ē


This hymn is the embodiment of the spirit of renunciation displayed by Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib in his life.

True Saints who possess the treasure of the Divine Name within, care little for the treasures of the world. They are the rich oracles of the Divine Name and glowing lamps that shed sweetness and light on everything that comes their way. The soil they tread becomes holy.

A true Saint is the personified altar of God in this age of deception and deceit and his word, his touch and his very presence awakens divinity in every heart.

With the relishing of the Divine Name (Nam), the predilection for worldly objects disappears, as if it never existed.

A true Saint who truly relishes the Divine Name, who has felt the delight of Nam Ras will be totally free from lust and lucre (Kamni and Kanchan), greed and attachment (Lobh and Moh), pride and ego. He will be totally free from desires. His pursuit will not be wealth, riches, possessions and acquisitions. Total Contentment flows uninterrupted from the Nectar of the Divine Name (Nam Santokhia). A true Saint thus derives the Bliss of Contentment from the Wealth of Nam and is totally desireless.

A blissful taste of the beatific Nam extinguishes all worldly taste. True Love of God swallows all worldly love. Thirst and hunger of the Divine devours all worldly hunger and thirst.

The aforementioned sacred hymns are descriptive of divine characteristics of a true Saint. These portray a real picture of the essential attributes, virtues of a Saint, Gurmukh, Gursikh.

These are the Divine characteristics of a True Saint. These auspicious virtues exist only at those holy spots and in those holy persons where there is no pretended Bhagti, no fake show of Love, no counterfeit commercialisation of the Divine Name and where only the Grace of Satguru operates in its pristine purity.


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