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Miracle of Love

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Divine Love-Prema is the very goal of human birth. It is the Royal Divine Path. It is the only True Religion. It is the True Union with God.


Mera Man Lochey Gur Darshan Tai
Bilap Karey Chatrik Ki Niaai
Trikha Na Utrey Shant Na Aawey
Bin Darshan Sant Piarey Jio [.]
Hon Gholi Jio Ghol Ghumaai
Gur Darshan Sant Piaarey Jio [.]


Tera Mukh Sohawa Jio Sehaj Dhun Bani,
Chir Hoa Dekhey Sarang Pani,
Dhan Su Des Jahan Toon Wasya
Merey Sajan Meet Murarey Jio [2]
Hon Gholi Hon Ghol Ghumai
Gur Sajan Meet Murarey Jio [1]


Ek Ghari Na Miltey Taan Kaljug Hota
Hun Kad Miliye Priey Tudh Bhagwanta
Muhey Raen Na Bihawey Need Na Aawey
Bin Dekhey Gur Darbarey Jio [3]
Hon Gholi Jio Ghol Ghomai
Tis Sachey Gur Darbarey Jio [1]


Bhagh Hoaa Gur Sant Milayia,
Prabh Abnasi Ghar Mehan Payia,
Sev Kari pal Chasa Na Vichhra
Jan Nanak Das Tumarey Jio [4]
Hon Gholi Jio Ghol Ghomai
Jan Nanak Das Tumarey Jio,

Rahao [1] [8]

Translated it means :  


“My heart yearns for a sight of the Guru

And it wails like a chatrik”

My thirst remains unquenched and I find no peace

without a glimpse of my Beloved Satguru

I am ever a sacrifice unto a blessed vision of my beloved Satguru

Blissful is Thy face and Wisdom-Divine flows from your Holy Lips

For Long I have not seen you, my Lord

Blessed is the land where you reside

My true Benefactor, Friend and Beloved Lord

I am always a sacrifice unto my God Guru, True Benefactor and Redeemer Lord

A moment's separation from you means the torment of the whole Kaliyug for me.

When shall I behold you, my Beloved Lord?

Sleep has deserted me and I cannot Survive the night

without beholding the splendour of my Beloved Satguru.

How Blessed I am that I have attained union with my beloved Satguru

and have found the Lord Almighty (Immortal God) in my own house.

May I serve you for ever and be not separated from you for a moment.

I am your humble slave, O my beloved Lord and my revered Master.

May I remain a sacrifice unto Thee in perpetuity;

I am a humble slave of Yours for ever.


Guru Arjan when separated from Guru Ram Das Ji finds it most miserable to live even for a moment without His most beloved Father-Guru. He pathetically communicates the agonising pangs of His death-like separation, to His Beloved Satguru in these most famous out-pourings of love.

These are the most penetrating Divine outpourings of True Love and of True Devotional Faith.

Pangs of separation, pathetic condition of a true Lover without the Beloved and consequently a True Prayer arising from such a Love-Smitten Soul, dazzlingly radiate from these holy hymns. A true, sincere, unadulterated prayer arose from the depths of the heart of a bereaved Lover for re-union with the Beloved Satguru.

Love begets Love. Guru Arjan sends the first three hymns in the form of letters drenched in Love, unable to bear separation from his Beloved Satguru-Guru Ram Das Ji.


  Saach Kahou Sun Laih Subhai
Jin Prem Kio Tin Hi Prabh Paio
  Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib
in Tav Prasad Savaiye

Divine Love-Prema is the very goal of human birth. It is the Royal Divine Path. It is the only True Religion. It is the True Union with God. Prema is the Supreme Elixir and the Nectar of Immortality. Prema is Bliss-Supreme. Divine Love is God by itself.

Prema is the most blessed Path and through Prema one can reach the Supreme Spiritual state.

Satguru is the sole and the Supreme Donor of True Love. Guru Arjan yearningly prays unto Guru Ram Das Ji for blissful re-union and Guru Ram Das Ji fulfils the true aspirations of the True Lover by giving Himself away unto Guru Arjan. Guru Arjan then shines in the Eternal Glory of Guru Nanak as, Nanak the Fifth.



True Love is the Highest Stage of Spiritual perfection

  Baba Narinder Singh Ji  


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