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Guru Nanak is Love and Love is Guru Nanak
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Great Gurus prayed for the whole global community; they preached universal love. They belong to the whole mankind and cannot be tied to a particular sect, race, place or country.



Parbrahm Liv Ekang

Sri Guru Granth Sahib (360)

God is the only Love

God is love and love is God. As God cannot be confined, restricted or limited to any particular creed, cult, race, similarly Religion of love cannot be restricted or confined in geographical limits and boundaries. Sri Guru Nanak Sahib's Religion of Love is cosmic and universal in its appeal, holy folds and dimensions.

It is a Religion of perfect and universal Love totally free from man-made barriers of colour, caste, creed and status. It is a Religion which radiates with a deep thirst for the Divine and with the highest gospel of purity of heart, mind, body, speech and deeds. It is a Religion which establishes brotherhood of the whole global community irrespective of colour, caste, creed, race and -nationality purely on the basis and foundation of love and equality, all being the children of the same lovable God.

Great Gurus prayed for the whole global community; they preached universal love. They belong to the whole mankind and cannot be tied to a particular sect, race, place or country.

They bestowed total freedom from all types of man-made social, racial, sectarian, caste and religious prejudices and ushered in an era of a momentous and marvellous human, linguistic, religious and spiritual unity and integration.

For Sri Guru Angad Sahib, the Beauty of the whole world had paled into insignificance when compared with the Divine Beauty of Lord Guru Nanak.

For Sri Guru Amar Das Sahib the Charm of the whole world had become trivial and meaningless in comparison with the Divine Beauty of Sri Guru Angad Sahib-Nanak the second.

Such is the Majestic Beauty - the Eternal Glory of Guru Nanak Sahib who is Pure image of Bliss, a Mass of Divine Beauty, Repository of all Divine Virtues and excellences.

Only Satguru can grace and bless a devoted sikh, a true disciple with this rarest of the rare blissful state and experience of Divine Love.


  Aapey Laayo Apna Pyar
Sada Sada Tis Gur Ko Kari Namaskar
  Sri Guru Granth Sahib (240)  

True love is the very Bliss, the very charm, the very soul of Life-Divine. Love exclusively directed to the Beloved Lord, Beloved Satguru is called True Love-Divine Love, True Prema-True Bhagti.

Devotional Love is a special, a most precious, a rare gift and boon from the Satguru.

Love smitten devotee transcends all the regions of worldliness, the region of Maya, the region of desires. A love smitten sikh is all the time absorbed and immersed in deep contemplation and meditation of his beloved Satguru. He is all the time intoxicated with the Nectar of Guru Consciousness.

Lover and love get totally dissolved in the Beloved Separate individualities and personalities cease to exist. Lover and the Beloved become one.


  God thirsts and hungers for this Prema-True Love much more than the devotee and rushes forth to the yearning call of Love.  
  Baba Narinder Singh Ji  


  True Love is the Highest Stage of Spiritual perfection  
  Baba Narinder Singh Ji  

Ik Baba Akal Roop

Satguru is a visible manifestation of Akal Purkh, Nirankar (Formless God). Love with Satguru is the same as with formless God. It is out of Mercy and Compassion for His creation that the Lord embodies forth in the Luminous form of Satguru.

Sri Guru Nanak Sahib is the Holy Image of God. A saint whose mind and physical eyes have been spiritualized, have been divinized by constantly drinking the Nectar of beholding this Holy Image cannot live without this life-breath even for few moments. The blessed one who has realized and tasted the Bliss of the Divine Glory of the Holiest of the Holy Image of Sri Guru Nanak Sahib cannot live without drinking this Nectar through his blessed eyes deep into his heart. Consequently his eyes sparkle and shine in this Divine Splendour, in the glory of Marvelleous Paramjot.


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