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Nam - the Divine Name

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Remembrance of the Divine Name with deep humility, devotion and love results in purification of the mind.


Bhariai Mat Papaa Kai Sang
Oh Dhopai Nawai Kai Rang

  Sri Guru Granth Sahib (Page 4)  

Once the mind gives up its false sense of independent identity and rolls at the Lotus Feet of the Satguru, Bliss becomes an experienced reality.


Man Bechai Satgur Kai Pass
Tis Sewak Ke Karaj Raas

  Sri Guru Granth Sahib (Page 286)  

Pure mind is a reflection of inner glory; an Eternal Melody rings within. Nam and Divine Love throb in this holy temple. They reside within.

A pure mind starts reflecting the Atam, it starts reflecting the purity, the splendour and the bliss of the True Spirit, and then by itself becomes the source of Bliss and purity.

Atam is true Divine Abode of the mind. It is here that the Divine Presence thrills and fills one with Divine Ecstasy. Established in Atam one gets detached from the perishable body, mind and name complex.

Atam is the Holiest of the Holy Pilgrimage, Tirath. Dip and to bathe in Atam is the Real Truth.


Sach Taan Par Janiai
Ja Atam Tirath Karey Niwas

  Sri Guru Granth Sahib (Page 468)  


Mind of a Saint is a True Picture of God

  Baba Narinder Singh Ji.  


When Guru Takes over the Place of Mind, Soul becomes God.

  Baba Narinder Singh Ji.  

On the day of full moon (Pooranmashi) Parshad of the Divine Name was freely distributed to Lakhs. Sacred Paths of Holy Guru Granth Sahib were thus completed in thousands till the next Pooranmashi and the Holy practice repeated every month. Hindu and Muslim brothers yearningly joined and participated in the Holy Yag with the Divine Name of Ram and Allah respectively. Families including the men, women and children participated in the Sacred venture with zeal and dedication.

Use of Mala (Rosary) of 108 beads facilitates constant, sincere and progressive practice. For calculation only 100 beads have to be taken into account, eight beads being taken as allowance for errors.

Mental repetition and recitation of the Divine Name is far more rewarding than loud and silent repetition or recitation.

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