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Nam - the Divine Name

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Every breath which is flavoured with Nam, with devotion, with faith, is like a fragrant flower offered at the Lotus Feet of the Beloved Satguru and these flowers do not lose their freshness, flavour and charm and ultimately lead one to liberation.

The Time, the KAAL devours everything but it cannot lay claim to the breaths dyed with the Divine Name. Kaal has no access, no approach to the breaths so offered as fragrant flowers at the Holy Feet of Sri Guru Nanak Sahib.

This burning ocean of worldly existence can be crossed with the help of the Divine Name. One is inextricably caught up in strong and powerful whirlpools of 'I ego'. Only an egoless devotee firmly clasping the Holy Feet of Satguru can easily cross this dreadful Ocean of Mortality.

A blissful taste of the Divine Name extinguishes all worldly taste. Love of God swallows all worldly love and love of false attachments. Thirst, hunger of the Divine devours all worldly hunger and thirst.

True Lovers breathe in and breathe out the Divine Name only and in this constant holy remembrance, every activity of their becomes a piece of loving service to God.

Divine Name feeds the mind with true contentment and frees it from any taint and trace of worldly hunger. This is what the love of the Divine Name can achieve.

As the whole universe, the whole creation stands projected on the support of the Nam, I have taken refuge in that very Holy Name. My sole support, shelter and anchor is that Divine Name.

Mental recitation and repetition of the Divine Name does not let a single precious breath go waste. With sincere practice and Grace of the Satguru, mental absorption in the Holy Name continues unhampered and unbroken even when engaged in other unavoidable worldly activities.

Nam is my Protector, illuminator and Sustainer. It is my Light on the way to the Nami, to the Divine.

For a lover of the Divine Name, Nam is his food and therefore hunger does not trouble him, Nam is his eternal companion and he needs no other friends because he is never alone, Nam is his true shelter and he does not, therefore, seek any other shelter, Nam is his existence as he cannot live without Nam and Nam is his honour as he never cares for any worldly honour. Self-glorification is non-existent in a true lover of the Divine Name.

Concentrating and meditating on the Divine Name one forgets the existence of one's own name and meditating on the Luminous Form of the Lord, one forgets one's own body consciousness.

True association with the Divine Name and Divine Form will ultimately result in your dissociation from your own name, mind and body complex.


Pyar Karo,
Pyar Vich Main Bhul Jaey,
Main Rud Jaey, Tad Praptgi Hai.

  Baba Narinder Singh Ji.  

In true state of Prema, in true Love one forgets, one loses oneself in the Divine.

True love wells up in the heart. It is through this mighty current of love that true prayer flows to the Holy Feet of the Beloved Lord. Alongwith this powerful current of love, one flows in totality, thus forgetting and losing one's own individuality and identity in the Divine.


Nam Ras Jo Jan Triptaney
Man Tan Namey Nam Samaney

  Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Page 286  

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