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Main hata deyo
sari dunia
Rab da Roop disey gi
With Intellect one cannot tread the Path of Bhagti. It is rather the greatest obstacle.

Baba Narinder Singh Ji



Remove this impure "I Ego" and you will behold the whole universe as a pure reflection of God only. Haumain is the Dheerag Rog - the worst disease. This is the greatest impurity. With pure heart you behold the whole universe as pure. The existence of Haumain "I Ego" in the self is the source of duality and illusion. Remove this evil Haumain, and the whole world becomes Divine. Then, one only perceives the All Pervading Reality in the whole existence. That is how Bhai Nand Lal and Bhai Kanhayia perceive their All Pervading Beloved Guru Gobind Singh Ji in every one and Bhagat Nam Dev his beloved Gobind.

Lift the veil of Ego, the Maya and behold your true essence.


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