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  Tegh Bahadur Simriey Ghar Nau Nidh Awey Dhaaey Sab Thhaain Hoey Sahaaey  
  Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib in Var Bhagauti  

Contemplate and meditate on Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib who is the merciful bestower of all the ‘Nine Treasures’ and is the Saviour all over, here and hereafter.


The greatest renunciator the world has ever produced is the bestower of all the teasures; of the divine treasures of ‘Nau Nidh Nam’ and also of all the nine worldly treasures. He is the Saviour here and hereafter.

Makhan Shah Lubana remembers, contemplates and meditates on Guru Nanak at a most critical hour and is saved alongwith all his men, cargo and ship thousands of miles away on the vast seas.

Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib voluntarily takes upon Himself the required martyrdom because He is a Saviour. He saves a whole people thereby. He took upon Himself the agony and sufferings of the whole nation. Only a Saviour can do that.

Bhai Mati Das deeply meditates on his beloved Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib till his last breath and awakens dead souls with the Light of Immortality. He has consequently become eternally inseparable from his beloved Satguru.

  A Divine Only Gives, Blesses and Elevates
He is a Daata (Giver), Bestows Physically,
Mentally and Spiritually.
He only Gives and Never Takes
. He never spreads His Hand before a mortal being.
He Truly Gives because
He Gives Himself Away.
He Truly Gives Because
He Is The Only One Who Does
Not Seek Any Return Thereof.
He Truly Gives Because
He is to the purpose born.
He Truly Gives Because
He Gives Life Eternal To Dead Souls.
He Truly Gives because
He Does Not withhold His Grace from even the non-deserving.
He Gives to all alike.
He is The True Divine Donor.
  Baba Narinder Singh Ji  


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