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Guru Gobind Singh Ji 300 Saal Akal Gaman

Hum Barik Tum Pita Hamare
Tum Mukh Devo Kheera

The mother by nature feels the urgency of the child, no sooner than the babe wants it. As the milk of the mother flows spontaneously out of love of the child, so does the milk of Grace and Love of the Lord flow uninterrupted in the yearning and pure devotion of a child of the Lord. The child does not have to demand for the milk; a mere impulse is sufficient to elicit a spontaneous response of the Lord.

The mother also feeds the child in sleep though the child is not aware of it. Similarly, Satguru, a true divine parent, spiritually feeds and nourishes the innocent, child-like devotees totally dependent on Satguru's grace.” - taken from Rosary of Divine Wisdom

Watch the Video - Hum Barik Tum Pita Hamare

The Video covers the relationship between Satguru and Sikh as Father and his beloved Child. Watch to learn how Satguru as our real Divine Parent looks after us and is our real caretaker.

Covered in-depth is:

  1. What is the significance of the relationship of Divine Parent and child which is mentioned in our Ardas in the very beginning.
  2. Holy Hymns of Sri Guru Ram Das Ji and Sri Guru Arjan Patshah which put light on this sacred relationship of Sikh and Guru as a humble child and Divine Parent.
  3. In-depth Explanation of the above Holy Hymns.
  4. How our Beloved Gurus have caressed us and taken care of us like His children. Explained with many examples.
  5. The holy and soul-stirring incident at Damdama Sahib when Guru Gobind Singh Sahib owns every devotee, every sikh in the large congregation as His own child.
  6. The importance of crying in the love of Satguru as His humble child.

Watch the whole Video - Hum Barik Tum Pita Hamare

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