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300 Saal Guru De Naal

Neech Te Neech Att Neech Hoye Kar Binau Bulavo

A humble tribute to Sri Guru Granth Sahib on the Tercentenary Gur-Ta-Gaddi Diwas - A Divine Treat on the Subject of Humility, Nimrata - the highest of all virtues. Sri Guru Nanak Saheb says in Asa Di Var - “Meethat Neeveen Nanaka Gun Changayaiyan Tatt”. Humility, Nimrata is the “Mool” (root), the “Tatt” (crux), the very seed and foundation of all the Divine Virtues of the Lord.

Watch this life-changing video to learn what prevents us from embracing this greatest of virtues, and how to invoke Satguru's Nadar (grace) by embracing it. Explained with many references to Gurbani and Saakhis (Stories) of Sikh Gurus, and Please do send us your feedback

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