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Immensity, depth and unlimited magnitude of Guru Arjan's grace, compassion, mercy and sacrifice is yet to be befittingly acknowledged by ungrateful, materialistic and selfish human nature.


Never before in the annals of human and spiritual history, such a universal, totally secular and non-sectarian religion, been acclaimed and established on such a cosmic and unique foundation which radiates the holy lustre of lovers-divine of all religions. It has a unique foundation which blazes with splendour of the holy martyrdom blood of its own Prophets and that of countless beloved children of Guru Nanak, a foundation which proclaims in all humility the unity of all religions, the unity of God and the unity of man and a foundation which binds the whole global community in an unbreakable bond of human and spiritual love.

We have inherited a unique Universal Temple of God from Sri Guru Arjan Sahib representing true humility of Guru Nanak and the inborn unity and equality of the whole mankind. A temple where the glory of one God, Allah and Khuda, Hari and Narayan is sung from the same platform in divine melodies of true lovers of God, irrespective of their religion, colour, caste, creed and status.

Amrit Bani of Sri Guru Granth Sahib is fully charged with the Nam Khumari of Guru Nanak, life essence of the prophets of love, total human, religious and linguistic harmony and integration.

No intellectual, scholastic or academic ventures, how-so-ever great, can catch even a glimpse of the true grandeur of Guru Arjan's Divine Majesty. One has to dive deep into the abyss of His humility to catch a glimpse of His true grandeur. And it is from the abyss of this humility that the House of Guru Nanak shines at the pinnacle of all spiritual glory.

Last but not the least, we have inherited the supreme Bliss of Martyrdom from our Beloved Satguru Arjan. He taught the children of Guru Nanak how to love death in tune with the Divine. He blessed them with the boon of divine intoxication in agony and death. He transformed the suffering and death into holy worship, a welcome rare divine blessing.

Guru Arjan opened and lighted up the holy path, Divine Sikhway to the Holy Cross. Actually, a true sikh carries the Cross on him from the very day he gets baptised.

  Sikhway of Arti is different from others in its performance. He performs the Arti with his head on a platter before his beloved Satguru.  
  said Baba Narinder Singh Ji.  

Sikh Dharma is all inclusive, all embracing. It embraces true lovers of God of all Religions and also a passionate love of the Cross of Christianity in its holy folds.

What a unique, multi-faceted and many splendoured divinity called Guru Arjan.

All the Great Divine Accomplishments of Guru Arjan shine at the Pinnacle of all Spiritual Glory. These shine in the Majesty of the Characteristic and Unmatched Humility of Guru Nanak.

Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji provides and accords the highest glory and potency to the Divine Virtue of Garibi-Nimrata by His own life example.

He welded the children of Guru Nanak in a Divine Community. He moulded them in the image of Purity, Humility and Truth.

To safeguard the originality and purity of Eternal truths and to fill the Divine Revelations with Eternal Divine Presence He composed, compiled and manifested The Eternal Guru (Sri Guru Granth Sahib) Himself. Sri Guru Arjan Sahib has laid the Divine Foundation for the Salvation of the whole creation for all times to come.

To kindle the flame of true devotion and true service to Sri Guru Granth Sahib, He lived the balance of His life in total servitude and humility, in the holy service and celestial presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

Having thus established the Banner of Truth, in the midst of reigning falsehood of this Dark Age, Guru Arjan clears the whole debt by paying the heaviest price, in offering the Greatest Sacrifice of all times.

May my head always remain bowed in reverence at the holy feet of those blessed persons who remain engaged in sacred remembrance, worship and service of my beloved Lord Guru Arjan, fully manifest and transparent in Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

Immensity, depth and unlimited magnitude of Guru Arjan's grace, compassion, mercy and sacrifice is yet to be befittingly acknowledged by ungrateful, materialistic and selfish human nature.


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