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  Jo Nar Dukh Meh Dukh Nahin Manai
Sukh Sneh Ar Bhai Nahin Jakai
Kanchan Mati Manai (pause)
Na Nindia Na Ustat Jakai
Lobh Moh Abhmana
Harkh Sog Tey Rahai Niaro
Nahe Maan Apmana
Asa Mansa Sagal Tyagey
Jag Tey Rahai Nirasa
Kaam Krodh Jeh Parsai Nahin
Teh Ghat Brahm Niwasa
Gur Kirpa Jeh Nar Ko Kini
Teh Eh Jugat Pachhani
Nanak Leen Bhayo Gobind Sion
Jion Pani Sang Pani
  Sri Guru Granth Sahib (633)  

This was the first hymn which Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib uttered after being discovered by Makhan Shah Lubana at Baba Bakala. It is the very essence of his and sikhismís spiritual philosophy and encapsulates as it were the Kernel of Guruís divine wisdom and message to mankind.

Translated, it means :


One who grieves not in misery and delights not in pleasure, who is free from fear and attachment, and for whom gold and dust are the same;

Who has renounced both praising and blaming (flattery and slander) and is immune to greed, worldly attachments and pride;

One who has discarded all desires and lives a detached life, lust and wrath touch him not and in that heart the Lord dwells;

When the all Merciful Guru blesses a disciple with His Grace, only then does the disciple attain this blessed spiritual state and blends (merges) with the Lord as water with water.


When blessed by the Guru, this is the spiritual state one attains. A person so blessed differentiates not between a lump of earth and gold. He rises far above the duality of opposites and is totally equipoised and unruffled in pleasure and pain, gain and loss, success and failure, honour and dishonour, for these sentiments move him not. He is far above the petty emotions of hate and envy. He strikes no fear and is afflicted by none. Having renounced all desires, he pierces through the mire of delusion and goes beyond the jurisdiction of the three Gunas of Prakriti. He lives in God and God in him.

Such is the beneficience the Guru may bestow and confer. And once so blessed the devotee never finds himself in wilderness.

He rises to be a TRUE SAINT, a TRUE LOVER OF GOD and a TRUE SIKH :

So risen, he can bestow divinity upon the world like the mighty cloud which can impregnate and fructify large tracts of the earth.


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